Our Services 


Our services include both existing residential properties where we work hand in hand with client and new developments where we work with architects and builders. A wide range of air conditioning units are available and our sales consultant will advise you on the best type of unit for your specific space.

Commercial and Industrial

Commercial properties have more substantial cooling/heating requirements. This may be in the form of general office space or retail outlets. Often served by ducted, chilled water or water cooled systems and cooling towers.

The Industrial sector often requires specialised cooling for manufacturing equipment. This includes plastics injection moulding equipment, printing and cabinet cooling.

Mechanical Cooling & heating continue to be involved with maintenance, installations and upgrades within these sectors.


Our marine division established in 2001 involves all Freon based air conditioning and refrigeration equipment on-board sea going vessels. We understand the roles and responsibilities of a contractor during an “ in-port” and pride ourselves with the service that we offer.

Data Center/computer rooms

A critical cooling application for both small and large enterprise. The constant heat load in these rooms often require specialised equipment for close control of both temperature and humidity. This type of work has seen us follow our clients expanding into Africa, assisting and consulting.